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Studying has always been considered a basic right, as is education , but, since the crisis began, both sectors are being unfairly affected.

Because of the loss of purchasing power of the Spaniards due to the economic situation of the country, the number of university students requiring a scholarship has grown by more than 40% in the last five years.

The amount of this aid has been progressively decreasing

The amount of this aid has been progressively decreasing

However, the amount of this aid has been progressively decreasing over the same period, to the level of the 2004/05 academic year.

Specifically, since 2008, it has fallen between 15% and 21% each year. Thus, and although there are currently more scholarship students than ever, the help they receive is much less, among other reasons for the tightening of the requirements to obtain them.

Level of income of the students

Level of income of the students

And now, public aid does not only depend on the level of income of the students, but also includes the grade of the file and the academic results , without taking into account the purchasing power of each family. With this system, it is achieved that students who have more difficult to cover the tuition are required more effort than those who can afford it.

At the same time, the tuition price has only increased. During the 2013/14 academic year the average amount per year was 1,257 euros, which places Spain as the fourth European country with the most expensive universities.

Because of this price change


Students are now the main supporters of university campuses. While in 2013 public funding was reduced by 16% compared to 2010, tuition collection rose to 36%.

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